Facts & Figures about Panama

Go Au Pair is featuring Panama during the month of October. Host Families choosing to match with an Au Pair from Panama this month will be eligible for a $100 discount. Here are some quick facts and figures about the country of Panama:

Facts & Figures
Republic of PanamaPresident: Ricardo Martinelli (2009)

Land area: 29,340 sq mi (75,991 sq km); total area: 30,193 sq mi (78,200 sq km)

Population (2011 est.): 3,510,045 (growth rate: 1.41%); birth rate: 19.17/1000; infant mortality rate: 11.32/1000; life expectancy: 77.96; density per sq mi: 115

Capital and largest city (2010 est.): Panama City, 1,272,672 (metro. area), 880,691 (city proper)

Other large cities: San Miguelito, 321,501; Tocumen, 88,543

Monetary units: balboa; U.S. dollar

Source: Panama: Maps, History, Geography, Government, Culture, Facts, Guide & Travel/Holidays/Cities — Infoplease.com http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0107870.html#ixzz28M1KN500

For more information about Go Au Pair and a cultural child care experience for your family, visit www.goaupair.com or contact LAR Joan Lowell in the Providence, RI and surrounding areas at jlowell@goaupair.com or 401.309.1925.


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