Get to your local farm!

If you haven’t done it yet, you must take your children to your local farm and pick whatever may be left in season in your area. Here in RI, CT, and MA we can still get apples and pumpkins, late season raspberries and a few other specialty items. Of course, pie season is upon us, and why not make extra and share with someone you know.

Perhaps there is an elderly or lonely neighbor who would love for you to stop by and bring a pie and stay for a cup of coffee. Why not bring a few apples to your neighbors as just a good will gesture?

If you have older children/young teens, they may be skilled enough to bake pies and offer to sell them to neighbors and friends for the upcoming holiday. It is a great way for the kids to earn their own money to buy a few gifts for others.

What’s better than eating apple pies or cranberry sauce? Picking your own fruit! Take the family to a pick-your-own farm that offers seasonal fruits such as pumpkin, apples, strawberries, and blueberries. Then challenge each other to plan a menu that incorporates your pickings as the essential ingredient. For example, after a day at the pumpkin patch, purée soup as an appetizer, sprinkle toasted pumpkin seeds over a salad or meat dish, and have pie to end the meal. My own family has a tradition of canoeing to cranberry bogs each November, picking our own cranberries, and then making a sauce for Thanksgiving dinner. Meals taste so much better when you work together to create them from start to finish. (source:

For more information about Go Au Pair and a cultural child care experience for your family, visit or contact LAR Joan Lowell in the Providence, RI and surrounding areas at or 401.309.1925.


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