Have a yard sale best deal contest

My aunt is a crazy yard-saler! On Saturday mornings three seasons a year, she plots her course based on newspaper classifieds and road-side signs. She is the go-to gal for everyone in our family when we need a specific item. She will always see one at a yard sale and grab it if it fits the bill. We like to see who gets the best deal of the day, and I read a short article about another family who does the same. You don’t have to spend a lot of money or drive a hundred miles to have a great time!

Spend the day checking out yard sales and determine how to get the most bang for your buck. Make a competition to see who can get the most, the strangest, or the largest and smallest items. This is a favorite pastime for the Pecoriello family of New York City. “We’ve done it in Vermont, Maine, New Jersey, and Connecticut,” says Abby Pecoriello, mother of two daughters and author of Crafty Mama: Makes 49 Fast, Fabulous, Foolproof (Baby & Toddler) Projects. Visit a website like YardSaleSearch.com to find the nearest sales.

“We figure out a route using MapQuest or Google maps, and then we set out to find stuff. The girls get one to three dollars, depending on how many we go to, and see how far they can stretch the cash.” From 4-foot light-up gumball machines to 24-carat gold rings, the Pecoriellos never know what treasures they’ll happen upon or who will win. You get to meet new people while teaching your kids the value of a dollar. (source:http://www.parents.com/fun/activities/unique-family-activities/?rb=Y#page=10)

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