How about a family treasure hunt for fun?

Have you ever had a scavenger hunt? I have and they have been great fun. I recently read online about a treasure hunt you can do with your family. I know everyone struggles to find family time, but it is worth it. We all know how quickly our children grow and how the time with them is really what is important, so it’s time to put your time where your mouth is, so to speak. Try this fun family activity together:

Treasure Hunt with Geocaches

Geocaching is a real-world outdoor treasure hunt where the goal is to find caches (or containers) filled with objects that other people have hidden. Check out, the official website, to find cache locations near you. Then use your smartphones (most have GPS tracking) to track the treasures, often stashed behind rocks, in the hollow of a tree, or under a bench. The caches hold trinkets and logbooks for the finders to document when they made the discovery and where they’re from. They should always be put back.

“It’s an opportunity to go exploring wherever we are,” says Jessie Madison, whose family enjoys geocaching when hiking or out for a walk. For her 4-year-old son, “it gives the hike more purpose. It gives him something to focus on and be excited about.” She adds, “If you take a trinket from the cache, you have to add one in its place. It teaches kids about giving — not just receiving.” You can even hide your own treasure in different locations for others to find.


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