Worried about hearing loss in your toddler?

Hearing loss can happen at any time, and it can lead to delays in a child’s ability to learn.

Your child’s doctor should routinely ask about speech, language, and auditory developmental signs like the ones below, but it’s a good idea for parents and other caregivers to be watchful. Contact the doctor if you notice any of these red flags:

Warning signs: 12 to 18 months

  • Doesn’t enjoy games like patty-cake
  • Doesn’t recognize the names of familiar people, pets, and objects
  • Can’t follow simple commands such as “come here”
  • Doesn’t turn head in response to sounds coming from another room
  • Doesn’t point to express a desire
  • Doesn’t imitate simple words
  • Doesn’t use at least two words
  • Doesn’t respond to music
  • Doesn’t babble
  • Doesn’t point to simple body parts or look at familiar objects when asked

Warning signs: 19 to 24 months

  • Doesn’t say more than five words
  • Can’t point to at least two body parts when asked
  • Doesn’t respond with “yes” or “no” to a question or command
  • Can’t identify common objects such as “ball” or “cat”
  • Doesn’t mix babble with some intelligible speech
  • Doesn’t enjoy being read to
  • Doesn’t understand “yes” and “no” questions (“Are you ready?”)
  • Doesn’t understand simple phrases (“under the table,” “in the box”)

Warning signs: 25 to 29 months

  • Doesn’t respond to two-part commands such as “sit down and drink your milk”
  • Can’t answer “what” and “who” questions
  • Can’t form simple two-word sentences such as “I go”
  • Isn’t interested in simple stories
  • Doesn’t understand many action words (“run,” “walk,” “sit”)

Warning signs: 30 to 36 months

  • Doesn’t understand possessive terms such as “mine” and “yours”
  • Can’t select things by size (such as “big” and “little”)
  • Doesn’t use any plurals or verbs
  • Doesn’t ask “what” and “why” questions
  • Doesn’t understand “not now” or “no more”

Read up on the warning signs of a physical delay and warning signs of a language problem.

Read more about developmental delays and find out about other developmental delay resources.

Source: http://www.babycenter.com/0_warning-signs-of-a-hearing-problem-in-children-12-to-36-mont_12292.bc?scid=mbtw_post21m_1w&pe=MlV4S29GUXwyMDEyMTAwNQ..

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