A “good doctor” has a good reputation

Your doctor should come highly recommended – and not just by your best friend. Most people choose their doctors based on word of mouth. That’s fine, but try to consult a range of people so you’ll have a choice and a basis of comparison.

“When people move to a new community, I advise them to ask everyone they meet for the name of their doctor. See which names keep coming up,” says Bay Area pediatrician Schultz.

When it comes to specialists, it’s a good idea to ask your primary care doctor and any other doctors you know for recommendations.

You’ll find plenty of doctor ratings online, too. Check out the doctor-rating sites we recommend here. Don’t choose or reject a physician based solely on one or two reviews, but do pay attention to feedback that’s consistently positive or negative.

To learn whether a doctor has committed a serious error or breach of ethics, get in touch with your state medical board. Look for contact information at the Federation of State Medical Boards website.

Source: http://www.babycenter.com/0_7-signs-of-a-good-doctor_10341017.bc?showAll=true

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