Newborn basics for every parent and caregiver, part four

Crib safety cannot be overlooked, but most of my kids didn’t really sleep in their cribs until after I stopped nursing, which was really past their first birthday. There are somewhat different rules if you co-sleep with your newborn. I personally suggest, after six kids, getting one of those hard-sided baby sleep-in beds. They fold up when you are not using them and can be moved around in the bed as you need to move the baby. The older kids love to play with them for their dolls too.

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Basic rule number four:  Make the crib safe

Though cribs filled with stuffed animals, bumper pads and soft blankets look pretty, it’s a major no-no. “Even the so called ‘breathable bumpers’ have strings that are choking hazards,” says Dana.

Position the crib out of arm’s reach of drapery cords and window blinds; as your baby grows older and begins to explore her world, the strings (including those between the blind slats) may be too enticing to resist. Finally, Dana reminds us, don’t hang heavy artwork over the crib. The last thing you want is for that glass-covered clown picture to slip onto your baby.



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