Teething and your preschooler

Believe it or not, preschoolers can still have pain from new teeth coming in, and having a better understanding of what is happening in your child’s mouth can help. Please share this information with your Au Pair or other child care provider.


26 months
(typical range:
25 to 33 months)
The second molars on the top come in soon after those on the bottom.
3 years
Your child has a full set of 20 primary teeth, also known as baby teeth.
4 years
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Jaw and facial bones grow, creating space between the primary teeth for your child’s permanent, adult teeth to come in.

Source:    http://www.babycenter.com/0_your-childs-teething-and-tooth-loss-timeline_10356447.bc?bclink=top&scid=momstodd_20121002:6&pe=MlV4S29GUXwyMDEyMTAwMg..





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