How Fit Are You? Here is a tool for you

I was browsing and found this very cool tool to use to measure success. It is simply a listing of some specific exercises that you would perform as part of a healthy exercise routine and record your results once each month to measure your growth and strength. It could be easily modified to include other exercises that you or your children can do such as distance walked or biked, number of sit ups or pull ups, time on the hanging bar, or number of consecutive jumps of a jump rope.

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Fit Test: How’s Your Fitness?

Take a fitness assessment with me!

Posted by lindsay wright


Hi Moms!

Today, we talk testing!

Not standardized testing or testing our patience. Lord knows we get enough of that at home. I swear – my kids are making me a much better person.  Or at the very least, a highly caffeinated one.

Today’s testing comes in the form of PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENTS, or “Fit Tests.”  I want to share a little bit about WHAT performance assessments are and WHY you should be using them to get your body back into fighting shape!

What’s a Performance Assessment (Fit Test)?

One part of the overall fitness assessment, a PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENT is a tool used to gauge improvements in cardiovascular health and strength gains. As a personal trainer, I use performance assessments in addition to postural and balance assessments.


Why Should I Do Performance Assessments?

Performing regular fit tests will help you gauge your progress – to verify that your current fitness plan is working and to identify any areas that need improvement. Fit Tests basically set you up to compete against yourself. That’s why I love them so much! It can also be a VERY encouraging tool for trainers in keeping their clients’ moral up.

Progress on Fit Test = Client SUCCESS and Trainer SUCCESS!

How Often Should I Complete a Performance Assessment?

Performance assessments should be implemented at regular intervals. I shoot for one test every month, for myself and for my clients.

What Type of Exercises Should Be Included?

Your Fit Test should include a good mix of exercises that showcase improvements in stabilization, strength and cardiovascular endurance.



Below, you’ll see the type of assessment that I use (with blank spaces so that you can print this off for you own use – just right click on the image and choose PRINT!). You can add or subtract from this list – that’s the best part – you can come up with as many exercises (variety/number) that you want!

Just be consistent in your technique while performing the exercises AND in the intervals at which you test (first of the month, every two weeks, etc).


Proper form: Squats, Pushups, Crunches, Lunges, Burpees, Plank

My goal is that you all give yourself the Fit Test THIS WEEK and then I’ll check back in on your progress in the coming months!  Deal?

QUESTION:  Have you ever used Performance Assessments before??


For more fitness and health tips, please visit my healthy living blog, Lindsay’s List, and join in on the fun at the LL Facebook page, where I host giveaways and weekly workouts!



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