In-country Au Pairs are available sooner than out-of-country Au Pairs

You may need child care ASAP, right? You may dismiss the idea of an Au Pair because you know it can take a couple of months to complete the entire process. This is true, but do not dismiss an Au Pair so quickly. Go Au Pair offers two different in-country Au Pair programs, known as Extension Au Pairs and Transfer Au Pairs. Many of these can be available to be at your home in only a couple of weeks.

For more information about Go Au Pair and a cultural child care experience for your family, visit or contact LAR Joan Lowell in the Providence, RI and surrounding areas at or 401.309.1925.

Extension-Transfer Au Pairs are completing their first placement and wish to transfer to a new family for another placement.  Extension-Transfer Au Pairs are typically available to start with a new family in two months or less and are available for placements lasting 12, 9, or 6 months.  There are many benefits of matching with an Extension Au Pair, such as,

  • Experienced with the Au Pair way of life and will not need time to adjust to life in the U.S.
  • May be experienced with driving in the US and will not need the time to practice or learn.
  • Year’s worth of Au Pair experience to add to their previous childcare experience.
  • Discounted program fees, as the Au Pair is already in the US with Visa.
  • Availability dates are guaranteed.

Ask your Placement Coordinator for more information on an Extension-Transfer Au Pair that might be a good fit for your family.

Source: Go Au Pair Newsletter


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