Listening Skill Activities for Visual Learners

As a teacher, I have taught and learned about a concept called multiple intelligences, where it is recognized that people learn in a variety of different modes. Some people learn best by watching, others by hearing, and others by doing. As I tell my own children, everyone has different strengths, but can also develop those areas of weakness to improve how they learn. Here are some fun activities geared toward grades two to three, but can be used with a wider range of ages.

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Do you feel as if you spend more time talking at your child than to her? Many children have notoriously selective listening skills — they hear what they want and seem to tune out the rest. But listening is a skill that we can help our children improve. Like a muscle, it needs constant exercise to grow stronger.

Here are some games and activities that will boost your child’s listening skills. Because children learn in different ways, they are arranged by learning style. But any child can benefit from the suggestions in all three categories.

For visual learners

“Read” a song together. Buy a music tape and corresponding book of lyrics so you can follow the words along with the music. Sheet music can also work.

Watch a children’s video or television show together. Shows such as Arthur are designed for parent participation. While you’re watching, pretend that you didn’t hear something and ask your child to tell you what the characters said.



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