How to deal with a picky eater

Here is some professional advice for your picky eaters. Please share this with your Au Pair, as open and honest communication and clear expectations will make for a much happier and successful year for all of you!

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The expert’s advice:

If your toddler’s used to nonstop noshing throughout the day, it can take a little while to change that habit, so work slowly toward your goal of establishing regular mealtimes and snack times. You decide when and what to serve, and let your child decide how much to eat.

Between meals and snacks, don’t offer your toddler food just because he’s bored or upset. And let him get a little hungry before it’s time to eat. If he’s just famished and can’t wait, give him a healthy snack, like a piece of fruit or some yogurt. Start out his day with a healthy breakfast that contains carbohydrates, fats, and protein — like fortified cereal with milk, whole wheat toast with peanut butter (spread thinly), and juice — so that he’ll be able to make it until morning snack.

Keeping other kinds of schedules — like rest times, outdoor play time, and bath time — might help him fall into more of a routine when it comes to eating, too.



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