Is your child’s name inspired by nature?

The natural world is full of names that evoke everything from rushing waters to vast skies. And you don’t need to be at all crunchy-granola to name your baby classics like Rose, or even slightly usual names like Sage or Willow. And if you do want a more original name, you’ll find cool gems like Birch, Bear, and Phoenix.

Take our quiz and check out the amazing world of names that nature has to offer–and see how much you know about their popularity.

Take the Quiz: Baby Names Inspired by Nature


Personally, I guess my kids have fairly traditional names, but somewhat original, I hope. I would not call any of them nature-inspired. I do know some friends who have named their kids all kind of weird things like Stormy or Timber, but as my mother always says, it takes all kinds to make the world go round. I guess I just think my kids will have to live with that name as adults too. My kids are Daniella, Nadine, Maggie, Trent, Jenna and Joseph. I did always want a Daniel or a David, but it wasn’t meant to be.

Share your children’s names and take the quiz about nature names.

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