Compromise is the Answer, People!

I would like to dedicate this post to the victims of the tragic club fire in Brazil over this past weekend. Each life lost will be terribly missed and no words can ease the pain of those families and friends. My hearts and prayers go out to each victim and their friends and families.

In that vein, I would like to say a word about compromise. Today’s society creates individuals who are demanding, mean, and unbending.

This is a call to all Host Families and Au Pairs: COMPROMISE is the ANSWER!

Think of friendships you have had that ended. Communication and compromise may have been able to save it, I’ll bet.

When you approach your relationship with either your Host Family (or your Au Pair), keep open and honest communication in mind. I tell all of my families and au pairs that. But what I may have left out of that equation is compromise.

People have become so demanding in life, with everyone and everything around them, that they have forgotten how to compromise.

Take a few minutes to think about ways you can compromise with the people in your life. If just a few more people made a few more compromises, we could move mountains!

That is not to say I want you to lower your standards, make unsafe decisions, or allow others to do so, but I am saying to think a little more about our purpose here. Isn’t it to love and share and make others’ existences more meaningful? Or is it to get the most stuff before we die?

Why not spend a little time in compromise and watch relationships blossom!

My name is Joan Lowell; I am the Go Au Pair LAR (Local Area Rep) for Providence, RI. We are accepting families anywhere in the RI, CT, MA region. Please contact me at or 401-309-1925 for more information.

Go Au Pair currently has over 300 Au Pairs available out-of-country as well as some in-country; you can review their profiles at logo for ads


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