FREE CPR classes offered in Rhode Island!

Parents and caregivers! Pay attention here! Did you know that the Narragansett Fire Department offers free CPR classes to the public on a quarterly basis? They even extend this free offer to restaurants and businesses in the area! What a great public service! Their website says they will even set up a class for you if you have a group that needs CPR certification! If you think you have a need, feel free to call them at 401-789-1000 to find out when their next class is offered.

Think of the benefits to you and your caregivers if you have a basic knowledge of CPR and first aid! An educated caregiver is a prepared caregiver, so take the time to visit the nice folks at the Narragansett Fire Department or find the nearest Red Cross class in your area. Tonight and Wednesday night this week, Red Cross in Providence is offering adult and pediatric first aid and CPR for $110.redcross-logo

It could save your life or that of a child! No one wants to have an opportunity to use CPR training, but even if your child has friends over or you witness some emergency, Narragansett offers this life-saving class for FREE!

Narragansett logo

My name is Joan Lowell, the Go Au Pair LAR (Local Area Rep) for the Providence area.

Apply now at  or contact me at or at 401-309-1925 for more information.

Visit us at for complete program details.




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