Do you have a teenager? There is hope…read on!

Okay, okay, I jest, but only slightly! I am the mom of a teenage girl, turning 15 next week to be exact (Happy Birthday, Dannie!). I can attest to the fact that they can change like the weather! One minute they are smiling, happy, interacting like normal human beings, or at least close to it. Then next minute they could be screaming, crying, running off, or blaming you for some huge invasion of privacy or being mean or something else you will have no idea that you have done. About an hour later, or maybe even less, they won’t even remember the incident and will be hungry.

Really, teenagers, even boys, can be very moody and changeable throughout any given day. They are going through quite a bit emotionally and physically and right at the same time, school and friends all seem to get so much more complicated and demanding. Sound familiar? Yes, we were all teens once, but try to remember that today’s teens are dealing with all those same things and even more, with today’s non-stop barrage of advertisement and digital and technical media, plus disturbing adult images everywhere you look and listen. Growing up today is just really hard and kids need someone to talk to and trust.

That’s where an au pair can save the day! He or she can be the big brother or sister who has already gone through it, and unlike parents, can understand the struggles of a young adult. I know that parents can understand kids’ struggles, but kids usually don’t! An au pair is a trusted adult family member who can be there to guide and listen when your child doesn’t want to tell you. Naturally, this opens discussion about all kinds of topics for your family to go through, together. Remember, open communication without judging is the best way to approach all parenting situations. Choose your battles carefully, always be honest and guide children to that which is right and good, even when it is difficult to achieve!

For more information about becoming a Host Family, visit or contact me directly at or 401.309.1925.

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