Spring sports are starting – how to support the kids!

If your child is in a sport, it may be time to sign up! Spring sign-ups are in full gear for some great opportunities for kids! Maybe your child hasn’t joined a sport yet…maybe your child needs to get out and move a little more.

I’m sorry to say not enough kids sign up for school and recreational sports! Softball for girl and baseball for boys is an all-American experience that your child should try, if only for one season. Let your child experience the fun of being part of a team and thrill of competition.

I recommend getting kids active as soon as they show an interest, and if they don’t show an interest, show them a few opportunities and see which one makes their eyes light up! Don’t force it too hard, but make it clear, especially to a child who needs to be more active to maintain a healthy weight, that they need to choose at least one activity to get involved. Make sure, as a parent or caregiver, you get the child there on time, attend the events, and support the at-home practice by getting involved yourself!

If softball isn’t your thing, and it wasn’t mine, why not try spring track? Many local towns have recreational teams that kids ages 6-14 can join….just do a google search “your town or city name, recreation department” and then look for recreational teams or kids programs.

How about dance or gymnastics? Now is a great time to join a local dance school, just in time to learn all the dance moves or tumbles and flips for the spring recital, usually at the end of June for most dance schools. Little girls and boys can get involved in acrobatics and dance classes, and some studios, like the one my kids attend, have all boys classes and even competition teams for really talented children.

Try karate for the whole family! Many schools offer a free class for the entire family, just to see if it is something you might like. We tried it and my son ended up getting his white belt and is continuing on now on his own!

Au Pairs can support their host family children by doing the same things as mom and dad: getting them there on time, attending events, getting involved in at-home practice in a safe environment. Maybe your au pair will even want to join one of these great activities, or even share one from his or her home country that he or she could teach to you and your children.

Please visit our website for more information about a cultural child care experience at www.goaupair.com or contact me directly with your questions at jlowell@goaupair or 401.309.1925.



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