Benefits of Hosting an Au Pair, for the Parents

In my last post, I shared with you my thoughts on what the kids get out of hosting an Au Pair. Now I would like to highlight a few benefits for the parent or parents in the Host Family. First of all, please go back and read my last post if you haven’t already, because when I say peace of mind, I mean, you get to choose the person who is going to provide so much for your children that you need for them and you cannot provide. Peace of mind comes to parents who spend time getting to know the right Au Pair match for their family. Peace of mind comes to those who clearly communicate expectations, and specifically what that might look like, to their Au Pair. Peace of mind comes to parents who choose the person who will guide and support their child or children now and perhaps into the future.

Parents who host an Au Pair suddenly discover something in their schedule: time. This may be reflected in just a few more minutes at home in the morning to share a coffee over the news or breakfast with the kids, since you don’t have to dress and drag the little ones out of their home to drive them off to daycare! Or maybe you would take that extra few minutes, not driving to school or daycare, to stop at the gym or take the dog for a walk yourself! The new time in your schedule might look like a night out with the friends or your spouse, without the kids! With 45 hours each week to work around, many Host Families discover they have a bit more freedom in their day, thanks to their Au Pair.

Parents who host an Au Pair get an extra parent for their kids. That is true, maybe even more in single families who host Au Pairs. Single parents count on their Au Pair to be the other parent, to be there when the kids are sick or when emergencies happen. Even working parents find a third adult in the house is exactly what the doctor ordered, especially when there are multiple children in the family. An extra “parent” in the house is the one more person who can be counted on to keep things moving smoothly, safely and on schedule! What household couldn’t use that?

Most of all, parents who host an Au Pair find they have time to spend doing what THEY want with their children, not the day-to-day tasks that sometimes wear down our patience and make us not want to spend our spare time with the kids, but de-stressing from our day in some other way. Hosting an Au Pair can give parents the freedom to focus on the kids when they are not working and the kids are not in school.

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