Mark your calendars for EarthFest 2013!

earthfest_logoDid I mention that the Boston group has invited the Providence group to join them at the EarthFest in Boston on May 18, 2013? It is a family-friendly free concert on the Esplanade in Boston and Go Au Pair will be there! I am sure that many families will be in attendance as well, and I have extended the invitation, again, to my families both with and without Au Pairs. Please come and meet the other families and Au Pairs, talk about the cultural child care experience and see if it sounds right for you and your family.

Unfortunately for me, I am unable to attend this one (and I was planning on it!) because my eldest child will be running in a track meet that day, and as a super-supportive mom and former runner myself, I find myself with a decision. I know the EarthFest will be there again next year, as it has for 20 years now, and the Boston group may just make it an annual event (they went last year). I do not know where my little girl will be in a year? Will she join track next year? Who knows, but I know I must go and see her run and wish my friends and Go Au Pair families a fun time. I will look forward to Joyce’s blog and photos, which I hope she will share after the event in May!

My name is Joan Lowell and I am the Local Area Representative for Go Au Pair in the Providence, RI area. Visit our page at  or contact me directly with your questions at or 401.309.1925.

We are currently accepting Host Family Applications in the RI, CT, and MA area. Full time Au Pairs provide up to 45 hours of flexible child care for about $343 per week, or part time up to 30 hours for about $292 per week. Au Pairs are the most flexible, smartest, and hardest-working young people you can hire. You get to set the house rules, their work schedule, and have an extra adult and family member willing to help out before and after school, before and after meals, getting the kids up and ready or down to bed, even driving them here, there and everywhere for those after-school and weekend activities. Hosting an Au Pair frees parents up to do what THEY choose with their kids, not all the busy-work that keeps them from spending time with the kids!

Consider hosting an Au Pair, full or part time, this summer or for the school year. We have a number of different programs and payment options available to match your needs. You can have someone start right away, usually in about 2 weeks, or you can spend the next few months interviewing and finding someone to start at your convenience. Whatever your family needs, Go Au Pair wants to help you meet those needs. Visit our website or give one of our LARs a call today!

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