Chinese Au Pair Seeks American Experience! Could She Share Her Culture With You?

Awaiting an August placement, Heng Chen is already in the U.S. on her agency-sponsored Visa to be your next Au Pair!  She is currently completing a successful year as an au pair for an American family near Carlsbad, CA. She’d like to see more of our country, and why not Rhode Island?

heng chen2

Heng Chen is a 22 year old native of China, and is seeking a Host Family in order to complete a second year in the United States. Heng speaks English (rated 4 of 5) & Mandarin, and can provide full-time flexible child care in your home for 12 months starting August 6th. She is a college graduate trained as a Primary Teacher, is infant qualified with at least 240 hours documented experience with toddlers ages 6-12 months. Heng drives (since 7/2011), swims, cooks & will place with a family with pets (except cats).

She says she wants to get to know more of the American culture and more people here. She can take care of the kids, prepare healthy snacks and meals, help with morning and bedtime routines, teach them Chinese songs, stories, words, and traditions. You could experience cultural exchange and great child care too!

Olivia (Heng’s nickname) enjoys piano, guitar, cooking, dancing and badminton.

References have called Heng Chen hard-working, understanding, patient and responsible.

View her profile for free at .

Heng Chen

Heng Chen is available to work full time. Full time Au Pairs work up to 45 hours per week & the total cost to you is about $343, or only $292 for a 30 hr part time Au Pair. Each Au Pair completes an educational component. The U.S. Dept. of State regulates the Au Pair Program for cultural exchange visitors; Go Au Pair sponsors the Visa & handles all paperwork & logistics for you.

For more information about Go Au Pair and a cultural child care experience for your family, visit or contact LAR Joan Lowell in Providence, RI at or 401.309.1925.

Visit Go Au Pair’s Providence page at


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