Available Early July for a Year with Your Family, Shirley is Enthusiastic and Mature

She says she has had a great experience being an au pair for her host family in VA (near DC) this past year, and Xue Liu wants to gain even more experience with different areas and customs. She is looking for a new host family by July 9th.  

Ms. Xue Liu is a 24 year old Chinese au pair already in the country on her agency-sponsored Visa. She is currently completing a successful year of the program and would like to stay one more year to care for the children in your family.

xue liu2
Could she offer your family a cultural child care experience in 2013? See her profile at

A little bit about Xue Liu: she is a high school graduate, speaks English (ranked 4 of 5), Japanese & Mandarin. Xue Liu drives (since 7/2011), skis, cooks and will place with a family with pets. She is an infant qualified au pair, with at least 300 hours of documented experience caring for 18-24 month old babies.

Shirley (Xue Liu’s nickname) says she enjoys volleyball, clarinet, piano, guitar, biking, movies, reading, traveling, photography, writing and cooking.

Previous references call her an easy-going, cheerful, clever, honest, mature and enthusiastic girl. Sounds like a great role model and cultural child care experience for the kids, right?
Xue Liu
My name is Joan Lowell, LAR (Local Area Rep) in the Providence area. Feel free to contact me at
jlowell@goaupair.com or 401-309-1925 with your questions.


In case you didn’t know, Au Pairs are 18-26 year old international exchange visitors who pass a 17-point screening process and background check, complete a personality profile, speak English (rated 1-5) and receive 32 hrs child care training in child development & safety.

Au Pairs provide safe, reliable and flexible live-in care & perform child-related tasks like meal prep for kids, children’s laundry, cleaning children’s playroom & bedrooms. Full time Au Pairs work up to 45 hours per week for about $343, or up to 30 hrs for $292. Each Au Pair also completes an educational component.


The U.S. Dept. of State regulates the Au Pair Program for cultural exchange visitors; Go Au Pair sponsors the Visa & handles all paperwork & logistics for you. Let us help you have a great cultural child care experience!
Visit Go Au Pair’s Providence page at http://www.goaupair.com/Providence




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