Have You Arranged For Summer Care? Got Vacation Plans?


Many parents get caught short at this time of year. We just get through the holidays and spring vacations, and it seems like summer just comes barreling toward us! Where is this year going? Is anyone else shocked that it is already almost the end of May? Maybe it is my busy life with six kids and a few part time jobs, but it seems that lots of kids will be out of school soon with no one to watch them!

Do you have summer childcare covered? What are your plans? Teenage babysitter? Local daycare? Stay-at-home mom in the neighborhood? Don’t get caught without full-time summer care!

Why not provide your kids with the most memorable summer caregiver ever? Why not host an au pair? We have full and part time options available, as well as some au pairs who are only looking to stay through the summer months before returning to their home country. Perhaps one of our available au pairs could meet your needs.

Payment plans are available for all situations, whether you are a two-parent working family or a stay-at-home parent who needs a mother’s or father’s helper so you can continue that arrangement. We also have a number of discounts available to host families. Interested in a male au pair? That will get you an automatic $100 discount off program fees, not to mention a great male role model for the kiddos! Are one of you serving in the military? We have special discounts for military families! How about those of you out there already with another au pair agency? We are service-oriented and our host families and au pairs will prove it! We are giving special discounts to families who switch from other agencies to Go Au Pair, where your family will have a cultural child care experience!

With four weeks till D-day (school is out, lol) start your host family application right away so I can come explain the details of the program and your family can start searching for the perfect au pair tomorrow!

Feel free to contact me, Joan Lowell, your Local Area Representative, at 401.309.1925 or jlowell@goaupair.com, with your questions about the au pair program in RI. Visit our Providence page at http://www.goaupair.com/Providence.

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