Meet Go Au Pair Providence, Down By the Bay!

loof carousel

Go Au Pair Providence is proud to announce our June Family Fun Day at the historic Crescent Park Carousel in Riverside, Rhode Island on Saturday, June 29th, starting at noon. Bring a picnic lunch to eat in the grass or buy some seafood or snacks from the Blount Clam Shack, on premises.


Contact me, Joan Lowell, your Local Area Rep for Go Au Pair, at 401.309.1925 or, with your questions about hosting an Au Pair or about joining our group for this event.

Boston and Providence clusters joined up in April for a wild day at the zoo, and we will be back together at Providence’s Waterfire in September. EarthFest was the venue for Boston’s May event. Now we’d like to bring you back to the good ol’ days in Rhode Island for June.

santa at carousel

Please visit us at the Loof Carousel at Crescent Park in Riverside. This carousel, built by famed carousel designer Charles I.D. Looff in 1895, is a favorite of Rhode Islanders and visitors alike. It is one of the most magnificent carved wooden roller coasters in the country still in operation today. Until July, it is only open Saturday and Sunday noon to 6pm, but summer hours are Wednesday through Sunday, from noon till 8pm.

It boasts more than just a carousel horse, too! Have you ever ridden on a camel? How about the zebra? There are 62 elaborately carved figures and four chariots, if you want to hold your baby or snuggle with your sweetie. Or maybe you are just afraid to climb on the back of one of these wooden beasts. If so, sit back in your chariot and listen to the old time carnival music playing as you ride. By the way, the music is played off an original Ruth and Sohn (model 38) band organ, which is in the process of being restored for many more generations of Rhode Islanders and our guests to enjoy!

throw rings here

One of my kids’ (and my) favorite things to do is to try to grab the brass ring. As the carousel travels around it’s circle, riders on the outer figures have a chance to grab a small metal rings that are fed into the chute. Just grabbing one is exhilarating because you have to lean pretty far over the edge to reach one! And, if you are lucky enough to get the brass-colored ring, you just earned yourself a free ride! Don’t take them home, though; you can buy souvenirs right there at the carousel, including beautiful prints of the carousel right down to little trinkets for the kids.

I love to share the carousel with newcomers and old timers alike. Even my math teacher friends could make a plethora of problems just with its statistics. Check out a few of them, just for fun:

The Crescent Park Carousel By The Numbers

The ride is 50 feet in diameter

The building is 100 feet in diameter

The ride is 157 feet in circumference


One ride is thirty revolutions which means the ride

travels approximately 0.9 miles (4710 feet)

In one hour, the ride travels 9 miles (47100 feet)

or in one day, the ride travels 71.4 miles

(376,800 feet)

The average season is 100 days so the ride would

travel 7136 miles (over 37 million feet)

In the 116 years of operation, the ride has gone 33

times around the Earth or 3.3 times to the Moon!

And with an annual average rider-ship of 100,000
The Crescent Park Carousel has ridden

11.6 million Riders.

And still counting….. (that’s for you, Mary)
I am lucky to have been among its riders over these years, as have my children. Please join us at the end of the month and add your numbers to the many others who have enjoyed riding the carousel over the years.
If you have a blast with us, don’t forget to tell your friends, and come back again. Every Thursday is kiddie day, with rides only 75 cents. Every Saturday is “Cruise Night” for classic cars to gather in the parking lot from five until closing. On Wednesdays in August only, rides are half price, that’s fifty cents, so come on over for a picnic by the bay with friends and family! See you soon!

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