Is Your Visa Expiring? Travel During Your Last 30 Days!

Participating in the Au Pair program is an exciting year, or two, for many young people who choose to travel and learn away from home. You have gained many skills and experiences which you will soon use back at home to enrich the lives of the ones you left there last year. You are a stronger and more adventurous young person than the scared youngster who left your home country on this American cultural adventure. I hope your experiences here have been wonderfully rewarding. Why not make the last 30 days a personal travel dream?

Do you know about the Go Au Pair Bed & Breakfast Program? It is a unique program offered to our Au Pairs who have completed their time with one or more Host Families. Au Pairs are provided a 30 day grace period to travel within the United States at the end of their Visa time. This time cannot be used to work any job, including their Au Pair position, and the Au Pair’s Host Family is not required to house or pay the Au Pair during this time. Some Au Pairs choose to save their money and go directly home without traveling more through the states, but others choose to travel inexpensively by taking advantage of this program.

Local Area Representatives, like me, and Host Families have the opportunity to join the Bed and Breakfast program, which allows an Au Pair a safe place to sleep for free and have a small breakfast. You may not always get a private bedroom or a three course breakfast when you stay in someone’s home, but you can be assured a safe place to spend the night, or more, for free, as well as start the day with something to eat. This can save over one hundred dollars per day if you compare the cost to staying in hotels while you travel, especially if your 30 days happens to fall during a peak season for travel and tourism.

A few facts to keep in mind when you do decide to take advantage of your 30 days of travel: you do not have your regular traveler’s insurance or health coverage during this time unless you purchase it as an upgrade from Go Au Pair; travel only with the United States is permitted since you may not re-enter the U.S. if you choose to travel outside the country during this month; if you are extending for any period of time, the grace period takes place at the end of the placement, not between them.

For more information about traveling during your grace period, feel free to contact me or our Travel Coordinator, Natalie Gaunt at the main office.  Visit our local page at for information about our Local Area Promotion. I am Joan Lowell, your Local Area Representative in the Providence, RI and surrounding area; please call or message me at 401.309.1925 or

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