Native English Speaker, Naomi from South Africa, Seeks Host Family

Naomi is an 18 year old native of South Africa, high school graduate and experienced Au Pair is available to work full time with a family with children ages 2 years and up, July 28th until next April, when she will be eligible to extend for another 6, 9 or 12 months.  She can help you through the rest of summer and right into the school year, maybe even through next summer!

Naomi is an experienced driver who owned her own vehicle in South Africa and has been driving daily since 9/2011; she even has her Alaska driver’s permit since she has been an au pair there since April. Naomi is willing to place with a single mom or a family with any kind of pets.  She also swims and cooks and enjoys art, horse riding, spending quality time with friends, and exploring new places and cultures.

Naomi says of her decision to become an au pair, “I want to be an au pair in America to learn more about other countries culture and ways of living. I also want to meet new people.”
Naomi’s references say she is bubbly and always positive. Naomi says she is a friendly, trustworthy and honest person who encourages others to live their dreams. Maybe your children could use such a positive and encouraging person in their daily lives!

She is a native English speaker (rated 5 of 5) and can provide live-in care for all of your children & perform child care related tasks like meal prep for kids, children’s laundry, cleaning children’s playroom & bedrooms!

Maybe you need a honest and trustworthy person like Naomi to help you care for your children and keep them reaching for their dreams.  View her Go Au Pair profile for free at . Naomi is available to start by the end of this month, so complete your application today!

The U.S. Dept. of State regulates the Au Pair Program for cultural exchange visitors; Go Au Pair sponsors the Visa & handles all paperwork & logistics for you, adding stability & consistency for all involved.

My name is Joan Lowell, LAR (Local Area Rep) in the Providence area; please contact me at or 401-309-1925 with your questions.

Visit Go Au Pair’s Providence page at



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