Three Days Left! Nominate Your Host Family Today!

Did you know you could win money for telling the rest of the world how great your Host Family has been to you? That’s right! You and your host family could EACH win a $200 American Express Gift Card, if yours is the winning nominations. The second place essay will also receive a prize – both au pair and host family win a $100 American Express Gift Card.

You know you love to write, and what better way to tell your host family, other families, and the whole world, what a great time you are having being an au pair with Go Au Pair! All you need is a few pictures or a video of you and your family or host family children doing something together. Then you can tell about your host family in a short essay. Janine, the Au Pair Sis, has some great suggestions on her Facebook page.

If you have written your essay, which should be between 500-850 words (that’s about one page single-sided), or taken your video of you nominating your family (which will replace the essay!) go ahead and submit it! You can even do a google hangout with Janine, the Au Pair Sis, and describe to her the qualities that make your host family deserving of the Host Family in Excellence Award.The Au Pair Sis even made a video explaining how to nominate your family! Check it out!

Janine,Au Pair Sis, tells you how to nominate your Host Family

Seriously, you still have three days! You can do the google hangout or make a short video nominating your host family in about 5 minutes or less! That five minutes could go a long way to show your host family how much you appreciate them, even if you don’t win. And if you do win, both of you will be rewarded will cold, hard CASH! What are you waiting for? You know I am talking to you….do it today!

As always, call me with any questions or suggestions. I am Joan Lowell, your LAR for Go Au Pair in Providence. Reach me at or 401.309.1925 anytime.


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