How to Access Health Care in Rhode Island

I want to encourage all my au pairs and their host families to enroll in the upgraded versions of the insurance offered by the agency, as the basic traveler’s insurance you arrive with does not even cover a sick visit to the office, and only covers SOME emergencies. If you decide not to upgrade, I strongly recommend you reconsider. Natalie Gaunt answers some of your questions when she is interviewed by Janine, the Au Pair Sis, our online Au Pair support and social contact. What type of insurance do I have in America?

However, should you still need to access dental or health care in the RI area, I wanted to share some resources with you. We want you to keep up-to-date with your dental visits, so if you haven’t found a dentist, maybe you would consider being a practice patient of a student dental hygienist, under professional supervision, at the CCRI campus in Lincoln, RI. For $20, you can get your teeth cleaned; that’s only $40 per year if you brush and floss daily in between cleanings!

If you find yourself needing women’s services, please talk with your host mom and call the number of the back of your insurance card (it’s a perforated card attached to a larger sheet inside your Welcome Packet). To find a Planned Parenthood office local to you, for many women’s services, visit them online.

I am Joan Lowell, your Go Au Pair Local Area Representative in the Providence, RI area. As usual, you can call or message me anytime with your questions at 401.309.1925 or

Please ask me about our Local Area Discount Promotional Pricing! I can save you hundreds!

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