Current Host Families Save Money, and Lots of It!

When you are a new Host Family, you are often entitled to many discounts to join the program. Such is true for Go Au Pair in the Providence area. New families signing up and hosting a new Au Pair can save hundreds of dollars immediately. Visit us at our Providence page for complete details, if you area a new family in my area (call me to see if your location qualifies!). As shown on the map below, the areas in pink are automatically eligible, while the green areas may be eligible. Blue and yellow areas are not eligible for the discount.

GAP Providence territory map

What about existing Host Families? They deserve to save money too, right? Of course! That is why you should consider the great benefit of referring your friends to Go Au Pair! If you refer another family who does end up hosting an Au Pair, your family can earn a $250 discount off your next year’s program fees, whether you get a new Au Pair or your current one extends. Even better, you can add up the discounts if you refer more than one family who decides to host an Au Pair! Yes, that means refer one family who hosts an Au Pair and you are eligible for $250 off next year’s fees. Refer two families who host and earn a $500 discount! Refer three friends who host and earn a $750 discount! Keep going!

Surely you can think of a few friends or family who already pay for child care and would love getting the great cultural child care experience your family is loving! If you have questions about how to refer someone or how to become a Host Family, call or message me anytime at 401.309.1925 or My name is Joan Lowell and I am Go Au Pair‘s Local Area Representative in the Providence, RI area.

To hear more about the Au Pair Program, look for us on youtube – Hear About Hosting an Au Pair


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