Homesickness from An Au Pair’s Perspective, and a Mom’s :)

Today is a good day to discuss homesickness, for many reasons. First, it may surprise even the strongest of people how much they miss what they know as normal. We humans are creatures of habit, no matter how spontaneous we consider ourselves. When we are out of element, literally, there should be no surprise how emotional it can make us. That is not to say anyone who misses home becomes a bundle of nerves and tears and cannot function. It is to say, expect to feel a little sad once in a while when you miss home, the friends you used to spend time with or the little things you never thought you would miss, like your annoying little sister.

The next reason to talk about homesickness is because my friend, Janine, the Au Pair Sis, your go-to girl for au pair questions, made a great video and posted it on her facebook page and on youtube. Check it out! Tumelo’s Advice About Homesickness

The video gives great advice, like get involved. Find something to do with your spare time. Take some time to connect back home in ways that you are able, through high and low technology. Keep the big picture in mind. You are on this journey and this adventure for a reason, your own personal reasons that are important to you as a person. This is an opportunity of a lifetime for a unique experience, probably not to be offered again if you choose to give it up. That being said, take a minute for a pity-party, cry for just a moment, then gather yourself up, take a few deep breaths and say a prayer for grace and mercy, and make a plan. Plan your time with new and exciting activities. Do something for someone else. There is no better way to get yourself out of a funk, than to do a kind act for another person.

Lastly, perhaps you’re not the only one feeling homesick. Maybe others around you, either in your new or your old family back home, are missing the “normal.” Lend an ear or a supportive shoulder to those around you, as you are all experiencing a change in your normal routine and lots of different feelings should be expected. Just keep in mind others’ feelings, as well as the big picture of this wonderful opportunity rich with experience and learning.

My personal reason to write this blog today is that my daughter, Nadine, has gone to start an adventure at boarding school today, almost 400 miles from home. She will be missed and thought of many times each day, but, like our au pairs, is still a member of a very loving and supportive family who cannot wait to spend time together again, when we can share stories of our time apart and make new memories with our time together.

My name is Joan Lowell. I am the Go Au Pair representative in the Providence, RI area. Contact me anytime with your questions or comments at or 401.309.1925.

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