How Can We Support You?

As your Local Area Representative for the #1 rated Au Pair Agency of 2013, I want you to know that I am here for you! I would like to take a few minutes to remind my Host Families how they can get support from me or the main office, whenever needed! It starts from the moment you ask for more information via our website or by calling me or our main office.

What? You don’t have my number? You can reach me, Joan Lowell, your LAR, as we call ourselves, at 401.309.1925 in the Rhode Island area, or email me at Call our main office to speak directly to one of our awesome Placement Coordinators, who can help you discover how wonderful life can be when you give your family a cultural child care experience! Their number is 888.AUPAIR.1 (888.287.2471); tell them Joan sent you!

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If you are living in my area (call me, I can check your zip code), your family may be eligible to save up to $1,000 when you host an au pair from our agency! That is full time, up to 45 hours of childcare, for about $329 weekly, or part time, up to 30 hours, for only $277 per week! Can your daycare or nanny beat that, and offer you the flexibility, cultural exchange, and extra, child-related household tasks like kids’ laundry and light meal prep and clean-up? I challenge you to find a more flexible and affordable child care option with the same benefits!

Back to the idea of how we support you…as soon as you connect with us, we will be contacting you to find out more about your family and your individual needs or expectations for child care in your family. Once you decide hosting an au pair is for you, I will visit your home to see the room and your house and neighborhood, answering your questions and explaining how the program works.

During your search process, you will have a dedicated Placement Coordinator who will work directly with you, at your convenience, to select a number of qualified candidates for you to interview. We even have suggested interview questions in varied areas, to help you get the most information relevant to your family’s needs from each candidate.  Once you and your au pair have interviewed and decide to make a match, we will be there to handle every detail of the paperwork and travel arrangements. You literally just need to show up at the airport and bring your au pair home to get settled with your family!

Even within the first 2 days, you will know you are still being thought of and your LAR, me, will call your home to speak with you and your au pair to make sure that everyone has arrived safely and are beginning this journey on the right foot! I am available by telephone, email, or even in person, should you need more support. Within the first two weeks, I will come visit your home again to review the program guidelines with the adults in your home as well as the au pair, to clarify any questions, relieve any confusion, and keep the lines of communication clear.

Don’t think, though, that after the two week mark, you won’t hear from me again. Sorry to burst your bubble, but I will be calling or emailing both host families and their au pairs at least once per month during the entire duration of participation in the au pair program, as per Department of State regulations. Each month, I need to touch base in some way, to ensure both parties continue to be satisfied and compliant to the program regulations. That’s the safety of an agency not offered by hiring individuals.

Finally, I will be planning several activities throughout the year, and would love your input for these, to help au pairs meet each other and make friends, as well as give the host families a chance to connect with me and other host families and au pairs in the area. Au pair activities may be held as often as every month, but at least every other month, as au pairs are required to attend at least four events each year. Host family activities are held at least two times per year, as families are required to attend at least one activity per year. Since some activities are family-friendly, such as our trip to the zoo or our evening at WaterFire (coming in September), we invite both families and au pairs to attend together too!

So if having me visit a couple of times, chatting with me once monthly, and getting together with other families once a year sounds like the support you’d like from your agency, visit our website at and sign up today! I can’t wait to work with you and your family to meet your varied child care needs and give your family the best cultural child care experience possible!


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