Do You Need a Positive and Outgoing Caregiver for YOUR Children?

Look no further than Go Au Pair and our newest available au pair, who happens to be in the country and ready to work with you and your family!

Bora (or Violet, as she is known in America) is a 23 year old native of South Korea and speaks English (rated 4 of 5) & Korean; she is looking to match with a Host Family right away. She will be able to provide up to 45 hours per week of flexible in-home childcare until mid-August, 2014, when Bora will be eligible to extend her stay up to another year.  She can also help out with kids’ laundry, light meal prep and light child-related housekeeping!

Already in the U.S., Bora is ready to start working for your family within a couple of weeks! She is experienced with children under two, having experience from infants to teens. She can start by September 24th and stay through mid-August. Perfect for your school-year needs!


Violet is an experienced driver (since 8/2012) who also swims, cooks, will place with a family with pets or even a single mom!  She describes herself as always bright and positive, smiling often to make others feel comfortable!


Violet enjoys spending her free time taking pictures, traveling and belly dancing! She could make a great tutor or homework helper too!


References have stated Bora (Violet) is always so positive and she has an outgoing and gregarious personality.  Do your children need a positive and outgoing caregiver for the next year or more?


Could your family’s cultural child care experience start with Violet?

My name is Joan Lowell, LAR (Local Area Rep) in the Providence area; please contact me at or 401-309-1925 with your questions.

Visit Go Au Pair’s Providence page at for details on great local area discounts or to begin your application today!


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