Argentina is Chosen as the Featured Country of October

What do you know about Argentina? That’s all? Host an Argentinian Au Pair during the month of October, expand your horizons, and learn even more about a great country! Share your home with an Au Pair and save money while providing your children an unforgettable cultural childcare experience!

Go Au Pair offers a $100 discount off program fees for hosting an Au Pair from a different country each month. October is celebrating Argentina, so learn a little here, and then go online and apply today to be my next Host Family in the RI, CT and MA region!

My name is Joan Lowell, LAR (Local Area Rep) in the Providence area.  Please contact me at or 401-309-1925 with your questions.

Argentina is officially a Spanish-speaking country, but English, Italian, German and French are also spoken there.  It’s population is over 42 million people, with almost million living in its largest city and capital, Buenos Aires. It has had a female president, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, since 2007, who took over the presidency from her husband. Like famed 1940s-50s first lady, Evita, or Eva Peron, today’s President Fernandez is popular for her efforts to help the impoverished citizens of Argentina.

Argentina is also a world leader in gay and transgender rights. It was the first Latin-American nation to legalize gay marriage back in 2010, and passed a law in 2012 allowing transgender people to change their gender on official documents without a psychiatric diagnosis or surgery, requirements other countries like Spain and Britain have in place. Free hormone therapy and gender reassignment surgery are offered to all transgender people who want them in Argentina, even those under age 18 years. (Source:

You may also be surprised, or not, to know that Argentina’s population is mostly white Spanish and Italians (97%) and Roman Catholic (92%).

argentin Here is a picture of the Argentinian flag, courtesy of Although some say the colors represent the sky, clouds and sun, the history points to a loyalty to the House of Bourbon, one of Spain’s royal families. The sun was added in 1818, called the Sun of May, and is actually a replica of the first Argentine coin from 1813. (Source:

Why not share our great American culture with an Au Pair from Argentina? We have several very well-qualified candidates for you to interview! Araceli Clarisa is a 21 year old looking to work either full or part time with your family; she drives and is ready to come as soon as you complete your application and interview! Check out her youtube video!  How about a male Au Pair? Dardo Emmanuel is a 25 year old college graduate (as a Phys Ed Teacher!) who is also First Aid certified and looking for full-time employment with your family for a year or more! Mauro Emiliano is both CPR and First Aid certified, with experience with special needs children with mental retardation and autism; he is 23 and speaks three languages!

Check us out today, and don’t forget to ask if your zip code qualifies for the local area promotional pricing, within an hour of Providence, RI!


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