Play It Again, Sam! Mixi Wants Another Great Year with Another Great Family!

Mixi is a 24 year old Chinese Au Pair already in the U.S. She has completed her first full year as an au pair with one family and wants to join a new Host Family, perhaps yours, by the first weeks of February, for another year in America.  She speaks English (rated 4 of 5) & Mandarin!

mixi mixi2

Mixi is an experienced volunteer for special needs children, and was trained to care for children with autism and infants. Her volunteer experience is mainly with premature babies and school-aged children with autism and mental handicaps. She is a college graduate in the area of Customs Clearance & International Freight. Mixi drives (since 9/2011), swims, cooks and prefers placement with a married couple without pets.  Mixi enjoys listening to music, reading, outside activities & sports; she likes to ride bikes with friends, take pictures, watch TV & cook. She will be able to provide a full year of flexible child care starting February 21, 2014.

Mixi has been called honest, responsible, outgoing and confident by her previous references. Mixi wants to continue being an Au Pair for a second year because she loves being with children and hopes to further improve her English ability.

She sounds like a great caregiver for any family needing help with the kids. View Mixi’s Go Au Pair profile for Free or check out her youtube application video to you!

Visit Go Au Pair’s Providence page at to apply today!

The U.S. Dept. of State regulates the Au Pair Program for cultural exchange visitors; Go Au Pair sponsors the Visa & handles all paperwork & logistics for you.

My name is Joan Lowell, LAR (Local Area Rep) for Go Au Pair in the Providence area; please contact me at or 401-309-1925 with your questions. Local families may be eligible for a significant promotional discount!


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