How Often Do You Feed Your Family?

Funny question, right? But not really. How often each week do you actually cook a meal at home for your family?

gap boy in kitchen

I have noticed a disturbing trend with many busy American families, even with my friends and family. Nobody cooks anymore, and when they do, it is out of a box or the freezer. I wasn’t brought up that way (thanks, Mom!), and I like to eat and cook, so we actually cook probably 6 nights a week, real food. The 7th night may be reserved for leftovers or the occasional take-out. On a rare weekend lunch, we will do fast food, but I even do breakfast and lunch at home each day for myself and my two little ones, and send my husband to work with a fresh-made lunch every day. Am I alone?

Food costs money, but so does eating out, and at what price? You don’t even know what is going into your body, and you are spending a huge amount of money when you could be preparing the meal with your family, and your Au Pair, enjoying a family experience together in the kitchen. Okay, maybe every single meal might be too much to have the kids help, but you would be surprised how a simple task like stirring or seasoning can boost a child!

Your Au Pair will love learning how Americans cook and you will surely love learning the cooking techniques from an authentic Italian, Chinese or Hungarian native! Teach your children how to choose healthy foods and portion sizes; involve them in the meal and they are more likely to at least try it. Whatever your number, that is, how many times you cook at home now, try to increase it to at least five nights per week, and watch the relationships in your family bloom like flowers!

Recently, I was able to lower my grocery bill, plus get a free freezer and new cookware! That’s right! Did I mention the company is going to deliver their delicious, gourmet meats and other groceries to my home, and restock my freezer as well! I’d like to share the information with you, in the hopes that at the very least, it will make you think about how often you prepare real, homemade food for your family. It takes the same time to prepare fresh meats and vegetables as it does some of those boxed items, but is so much tastier when you have spend the time preparing it together. Get the most out of your meals!

So it’s true, I am paying the same or less per week for groceries, and getting a new freezer and cookware set with lifetime guarantees! The company is Hill’s Home Market, an 88 year old food delivery service out of Massachusetts. They even provide recipes to go along with their products on their website. Check them out and tell them Joan Lowell, Local Area Representative for Go Au Pair in the Providence area, sent you! I am available by phone and email to answer your questions about becoming a Host Family or to tell you how good Hill’s meat really tastes! Reach me at 401.309.1925 or with your questions, or leave a comment below.


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