How About F1Kart Racing in Boston, Anyone?

As I look over the coming year, and the possible activities I am planning for Go Au Pair Providence and our friends and families, I am remembering some fun activities I have done in our area. One that came to mind was when my friends and I went go-kart racing at F1Boston, a fun and relatively inexpensive place to get your Mario out!

I have also confirmed with the events planner, Stephanie, that as long as the driver is 18 years of age and presents a valid driver’s license, including International Driver’s Permits, you are good to go! Next, what about costs? An F1 License is $10 for one day, then you can race as little as a 15- or 18-lap race for $28, or buy a 3-race pack for $74 or 4-race pack for $84. Once you try it, you might decide to buy another race or two, because let me warn you, it is FUN! You also get to keep the great little license and head-sock as souvenirs of your visit. For those who fall in love with it, they do have annual licenses and leagues you can join to meet and race with other kart enthusiasts.

The officials there do not allow any aggression, physical or verbal, during the races, so no trash talk or bumper cars, but other than that, the race is on! Please check out their rules and regulations page if you are serious about going, because they will give you warnings during the race, but too many, and just like the big leagues, you are OUT, without a refund!

F1 Boston is located in Braintree, MA, just south of Boston, and just under an hour from Providence. They have an indoor facility with two multi-level tracks, plus a locker room area to keep your bags and suit up, yes you have to wear a full fireproof body suit, and head out onto the track.  You can stop in the F1 Shop and get some t-shirts, mugs, or other souvenirs, too. Their track-side cafe and lounge has a full service restaurant and bar, for those friends who finish early or who just want to watch. There is also a very cool billiards parlor with seven championship Brunswick tables, leather seating, fireplace, full bar and lounge menu! This is a fun adventure to add to our cultural and social events, don’t you think? Let me know if you area interested and I will add it to my events schedule right away.

My name is Joan Lowell, LAR (Local Area Rep) in the Providence area; please contact me at or 401-309-1925 with your questions.

Visit Go Au Pair’s Providence page at and inquire about our Local Area Promotional Pricing!


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