Where Has Go Au Pair Providence Been, and Where Are We Going?

Whether to tease you about what you missed or to compare to this year’s events, I wanted to take a minute to recap the social and cultural events Go Au Pair Providence held in 2013. Before I do, I would like to thank Joyce Simon of Go Au Pair Boston for her continued support and invitations to events over the past 18 months. She has welcomed me and the au pairs in my area to most of her events since I started here in Rhode Island. Thanks very much!

I should also thank the wonderful au pairs in the Boston and Rhode Island area for attending and participating in our events. We would have very little to do if you didn’t attend! Thanks also to those Host Families who dared to let the au pair take the car out of state or with a group of au pairs, and for those who attended themselves! You make our jobs fulfilling and enjoyable!

Now, for the review of last year’s events:

The year started off a bit slow, with all the storms we had last winter! Ice Skating with the Hartford cluster in January was cancelled due to a huge blizzard, so we all stayed home and made snowmen and hot cocoa!  Nobody was interested in the buffet and shopping at one of our casinos in February.

Luckily, the Family Fun Day at Roger Williams Park Zoo got spring blooming in Providence! The Boston cluster joined us for a beautiful day at the zoo, followed by a picnic, bubbles and kites in the park. Some even ventured to the old-fashioned carousel to finish off the day!

At the end of June, a few Boston au pairs ventured south again to see and ride one of the oldest wooden carousels in the country. We enjoyed the day at Crescent Park Carousel in East Providence, followed by a picnic down by the bay, with our snacks from Blounts Shack.

The end of July screamed DRIVE-IN MOVIE, but my kids and I were left screaming in the dark when no au pairs came with us. We enjoyed the show at , but you kids missed out on a great movie! Kids were sleeping by the time the second feature came on, and good thing, it was a scary one: The Conjuring, based on a real-life ghost story right here in RI!

In August, a new au pair from Brazil and her Host Family joined us for a hike at Purgatory Chasm State Reservation in Sutton, MA. It was a lovely day, even though we were sweating!

In October, we walked the Happiest 5K on the Planet, The Color Run! I would love to do this again this year…hint, hint, hint!

There were a few other events planned, such as Providence WaterFire, in both September and November, but people were busy! Maybe this summer will be better…hmmm. Also, a sporting event and fall activity were cancelled last year due to lack of interest!

Let’s get going people! Tell your friends, stop paying crazy daycare and get the best care you can get for your kids, right in their own home! Host an au pair, full or part time, to have a cultural childcare experience in 2014!

Speaking of 2014, stay tuned for the release of Go Au Pair Providence‘s Social Events Plan for 2014!

My name is Joan Lowell, LAR (Local Area Rep) in the Providence area. Please contact me at jlowell@goaupair.com or 401-309-1925 with your questions.





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