Need Full-time Cultural Child Care Right Now?

Meet Ana, a 20 year old college student and native of Spain who speaks English (rated 3 of 5) and Spanish. Ana is looking to match with a Host Family within a couple of weeks. She can provide affordable full-time care for all your children age 2 years and older until next January! That could be exactly what you need to fill your school-into-summer-into-school child care needs!

Ana is a 20 year old Spanish Au Pair already in the country. She has experience as a Nanny and Tutor; she has taken a socio-cultural training course to prepare for her cultural exchange.  Ana is interested in placing with a family whose children are in school and need an active and engaging caregiver! Ana is an experienced driver (since 2/2012) who also swims, cooks, and is willing to place with a family with pets of any kind, a traditional or same-sex married couple, or even a single parent of either gender.

Ana says she is interested in drawing, camps and reading.  She can provide up to 45 hours/week of flexible child care for your children until January 13, 2015, when she may be eligible to extend up to another year.

She can help out with child-related household tasks like light meal prep, kids’ laundry, driving to activities, and even homework help! See her Go Au Pair profile!

Previous references say Ana is creative, patient and imaginative.  Ana has done an internship for a charity, a foundation which cared for orphaned children. She is very excited to stay with your family, learn about the American culture and also teach your children and family something of Spain’s culture.  Sound like a possible match for your family?

My name is Joan Lowell, LAR (Local Area Rep) for Go Au Pair in the Providence and surrounding areas in Eastern CT and Central/Southeastern MA; please contact me at or 401-309-1925 with your questions.


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