An Au Pair for Every Family? Well, almost!

Au Pair pic nicWhether your current childcare is a daycare, a nanny or a family member, you might consider a cultural childcare experience instead! Have you considered a male au pair for your sons? We even have part time au pairs available! Go Au Pair is making hosting an au pair an affordable childcare experience all over the country!

In Rhode Island, Eastern CT, and South/Central MA, you’ve got a friend in me! I am Joan Lowell, your Local Area Representative or LAR, and you can reach me at or 401.309.1925. We are competitive with the most affordable daycare or nanny! Take a look at our local page and read all about our Local Area Discount for new Host Families!

Families considering alternate childcare should take a look at the Au Pair Program and the great benefits of hosting an au pair to meet your childcare needs!

Whether you have an only child or a half a dozen, like me, you may find just the right au pair for your family. That is the beauty of using a designated agency like Go Au Pair to support you during this awesome exchange experience! Family blogger Summer Blackhurst agrees that the match is super important, so choose Go Au Pair above the big box giants who’ll forget your name after they cash your check!

You’ll get the expertise and knowledge of the really nice folks in our main office in Utah (I have actually been there and met them all – very fine group of people ready to serve your needs!), plus the one-to-one local support of me, available to you throughout the year. Your au pair also gets the online support of the Au Pair Sis, plus our entire community of au pairs and many LARs like myself.

Together, we can guide you through the process very simply and painlessly! We can advise you on lots of topics to consider when making your choice, and help you narrow down your options by choosing specific skills your family needs, such as a First Aid or CPR certified caregiver, or being a licensed and experienced driver! We’ll support you through the year with monthly contact and at least 6 social and cultural events designed to help your au pair experience typical American culture in our area. You’re invited to come too!

Once you see the over 300 detailed and FREE au pair profiles you can view, you will never want to pay for traditional daycare again. Live-in childcare with a cultural twist gives your children greater social, cultural and lingual potential. Hosting an au pair gives you free time with your child when your other children still need care and attention. Our profiles even tell you if the au pair is an only child themselves or if he or she has older, younger or both types of siblings. These are things to consider when matching with your own family.

An outgoing au pair who is an only child may do just fine with two, three or more kids, but a shy or introverted au pair might do better with your only child. An au pair who grew up in a busy and crowded house might be just the perfect match for your busy and crowded household. See what I mean? Maybe that’s why my dad’s brothers and sisters all had three or fewer children, since they had grown up one of eleven! I always wanted a big family, since I have only one brother and grew up longing for a busy house like my grandparents. So whether you need live-in help for your infant or your brood of all-ages, we can help you find the right match!

There may be families who just don’t seem like a match for an au pair. Those are people who, first, don’t have the space or extra bedroom required. Also, families who are not willing to make their au pair a member of the family and include him or her in their daily life, the spirit of the program is lost. Au Pairs are not just providing full and part time childcare, they are sponges soaking up whatever they can of our culture and language so that when they return home, they have lived and learned in America!

Why not help a young person join your family for a year or two and help all of your dreams come true? Apply online or contact me today with your questions!

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