Celebrate Mexico this March!

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Give your kids the ultimate cultural childcare experience when you become a Host Family.


As an agency who celebrates cultural diversity and cultural exchange, Go Au Pair chooses a new country to feature each month. Amy Host Family who chooses to match with an au pair from the Featured Country of that month will be eligible for a $100 discount off their program fees! This month, we are excited to announce Mexico as the Featured Country of the month of March! Click here to see some of their profiles for FREE right now!

What do you know about Mexico? Why might a Mexican au pair be just right for your family? Let’s explore the region and find out!

Naturally, you know that Mexico is located south of the United States on the North American continent, but did you know that it’s actual name is the United Mexican States? That’s right, and it’s national symbol is the Golden Eagle. Mexico is made up of 31 states as well as Mexico City, its capital city. It is true that the largest influx of immigrants into the United States comes from Mexico, but what do you expect? We are neighbors, after all.

Spanish is the official and predominant language, and over 80% of the about 118 million citizens are Catholic. Some popular foods that have made their way into the everyday American diet are tacos, burritos and enchiladas. Mexican food is often known for its spicy range of flavors.

Perhaps your Catholic family loves to cook spicy food and would love to learn more about the Mexican culture. Maybe you’d like the kids to learn to speak Spanish from a native speaker, who would love to learn some English from your kids. What a great opportunity for cultural exchange in your own home!

For more information about hosting an au pair in your home, contact me or visit our local page and get started with your Host Family Application. If a Mexican au pair is not for you, what about an au pair from Brazil or Colombia? Have you considered a male au pair? Let one of our Placement Coordinators help you see your new and improved life after your au pair arrives! Contact me, Joan Lowell, at 401.309.1925 or jlowell@goaupair.com, with your questions.


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