Do You Remember Life Before the World Wide Web?

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I do, and it definitely doesn’t feel like 25 years ago! Impossible! But that is what all the news stations are saying today. The world wide web was apparently created 25 years ago today, originally intended as an information interface for scientists around the world. Can you believe what is has morphed into? Our entire world, daily life, technology being developed, have been impacted in ways the creators could have never imagined.

One interesting thing I heard this morning was that the internet is not the same thing as the world wide web. At first, I was like, what? Then the NBC reporter explained that if the internet represented all the food in the world, the web would be like our favorite restaurant. Um…let me try to explain better.The internet has actually existed since the 1960s, as a data-sharing technology. It wasn’t until Sir Tim Berners-Lee released his code for the first web browser, Mosaic, in 1990, making the previously geeky data-transfer system accessible only by those technologically sophisticated into the used-by-the-masses technology is has become today.

Some of the news stations are even saying that the world wide web has not even reached its potential. I tend to agree with that. I think the social aspect of the web may be realized, but the positive power of people communicating should not be overlooked. I can imagine a time when the internet, or the web, could be used to eradicate hunger and diseases around the globe, and eliminate suffering and violence too. Okay, maybe I am dreaming on the last couple, but surely clicking on things on Facebook cannot be the pinnacle of usefulness of the internet. Perhaps the original intent should be revisited; scientists, get off Facebook and start sharing information already!

Just for fun, I thought to myself, what was life like back then? As if I don’t know! I was looking forward to the year 1990 for a very long time, since it was the year I was to graduate high school. And what a year it turned out to be! What else was going on in the world? George Bush and Dan Quayle were in the White House, the Dow Jones industrial index went as high as 3000, and the average life expectancy was 75.4 years. That number was 79 years in 2011, and the Dow Jones is back up to 16,000 after the big drop back in 2008.

So my children have these very cute framed posters on their walls, called Birthday Keepsakes, which are very cool. They make very nice gifts for young and old alike. I even purchased one for my grandmother, who was born in 1920! It is fascinating to compare them all, since things change even if we don’t realize how quickly. Before your kids are all grown, give them the gift of a cultural childcare experience! Contact me, Joan Lowell, at or 401.309.1925 with your questions.

Depending on what you may or may not remember from 1990, I found some good ones. I had to look for myself, since some of these are sooooo different now. The gasoline price is the hardest one for me! Here is a quick review of some basic prices of things from 1990, courtesy of my google search:

Cost of a new home:  $149,800.00 
RI Minimum Wage:  $ 4.25
Median Household Income:  $29,943.00 
Cost of a first-class stamp:  $0.25 
Cost of a gallon of regular gas:  $1.16 
Cost of a dozen eggs:  $1.00 
Cost of a gallon of Milk:  $2.78

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