One Week Left to Ice Skate in Providence!

If you are ready for spring, join the crowd! By the calendar, it will be here next Thursday, March 20th, but Mother Nature seems to be holding on tightly. We are expecting another winter storm overnight tonight, with possible plow-able snow for the morning commute, again! The weather here in Providence looks like winter is giving one last shove, so let’s enjoy it before we are complaining about heat and humidity (which you will never hear me do!). This Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and next Friday look best to me, if I were planning another winter hurrah!

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Give late winter-early spring ice skating a try in Providence, RI. One more week of outdoor skating fun for Providence families.

But, if you are among the few winter-loving New Englanders, like me, you still have time to squeeze in a few more hours of outdoor ice skating! The ice on local ponds may be getting thin, but not at the Providence Rink at the Bank of America City Center! It is conveniently located in the center of Kennedy Plaza, Providence, surrounded by street parking and several local lots. In fact, I was just there with half of my children last night!

The rink is open the rest of this week, this weekend and all of next week, evenings only next week. So from five to ten next week, or even next weekend, you can have one last blast of winter fun and get some exercise too! See their website for details.

That is right! Even the first weekend of spring, you can enjoy this great family activity in Providence, RI. Admission is $4 for children and $7 for adults. I have my own skates, recently sharpened; but if you don’t, they will rent you some very nice ones for $5. There is no time limit either, so plan to stay a few hours and make the most of it!

If you are like me and bring the hot cocoa and snacks from home, they have very nice wooden benches and a concrete “bleacher” area where you can set up. If you forgot the goodies, fear not! They have a great little snack shop right there, with rubber mats at the window so you don’t even need to unlace! There are public bathrooms as well, which is very important for moms like me, with a little one just in underwear 24/7!

Penguin skating aids are also available for $10 rental an credit card hold.

Penguin skating aids are also available for $10 rental an credit card hold.

It was not crowded at all yesterday around 5pm, with less than 20 people on the ice. By the way, the ice in Providence is twice the size of the outdoor Rink at Rockefeller Center in New York City. They may be open until April 27th, but their prices are out of this world! For a 90-minute session, admission is $27 for adults and $15 for kids 11 and under, plus skate rental is $12! With a large family, or even a small one, Providence beats New York any day of the week, and we have better food too! So eat your heart out, Big Apple! Providence has the biggest and best in late winter/early spring ice skating!

As always, contact me with your questions about hosting an au pair and having a cultural childcare experience. My name is Joan Lowell, Local Area Representative for Go Au Pair in the Providence, RI area. Contact me at or 401.309.1925.


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