You CAN Afford an Au Pair!

Recently, I had occasion to get some prices on some local daycare and nanny options. Can I tell you I was just about ill?! What I discovered was that Go Au Pair is a great value and has more to offer the average Rhode Island family than any daycare or nanny!

Go Au Pair matches any competitor offer

Get the Best Value for YOUR Family

The absolute best way to make a decision, at least in my home, ends with the dollar. It is a sad statement, but it is true. When we are making big decisions, we cannot help but look at the impact on our finances. It is the first question most potential host families ask me…how much is this? When I try to explain that, for the average 45 hours of childcare, families will pay as low as low as $7.31 per hour, some find it hard to understand.

Let me be more clear. The host family directly pays the au pair about $196 per week. They are also responsible for the first $500 toward the au pair’s education requirement (6 credits in one year). The host family pays the agency fees to Go Au Pair in up to 8 payments, if you need. If you don’t believe me about the value of Go Au Pair, ask Summer Blackhurst, au pair blogger.

If that is not clear enough, let me make some comparisons for you. The cost of putting one infant in daycare full time is about $228 per week. There can be as many as four infants to each adult in the “infant room.” The cost of putting two children in daycare in Rhode Island is as low as $344 per week. Go Au Pair can beat that by more than $20 and your au pair can help with the kids’ laundry, drive them to appointments or play dates, and share a culture and language not found at your day care.

Interestingly, I had a very difficult time getting a quote for three children in day care. One agency said their “Rock Bottom” for three kids full time (one was actually a half day kindergarten) was $450! Are you kidding me? She asked if I could get assistance to pay for the day care. When I think of the average family with 2.5 children, I wonder why more of them have not considered hosting an au pair for childcare.

For a nanny, the average expected salary here in Rhode Island is $400 per week for a live-in Nanny, not including the $3000 or more paid to the agency who matched you. Go Au Pair can help you get au pair childcare for under $325 per week, for all of your kids! Even a live-out Nanny is priced at $15-$20 per hour, plus the same $3000 or more agency fees. Go Au Pair has done the work for you and has over 300 qualified au pairs available for your review!

Contact me, Joan Lowell, your Local Area Representative for the most affordable childcare experience period. Reach me at 401.309.1925 or anytime. Rhode Island area families can save the most with our Locals Only Discount. Be sure to tell them you read my blog and get your discount right away!


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