Providence Rates Best!

Where in the World is Providence?

Guess who was voted best? Go Au Pair wants you, Providence families!

Quality of life is something every au pair wants to experience when they choose an American Host Family. Good for you, Providence, for doing it again! You can even look up your state to see the best cities there. What a great selling point when you are trying to convince an au pair candidate to come from their own home country to our little state!

Providence, RI was rated the second best downtown city in the entire country! That is saying that Providence beat out your city, and every other city (unless you live in Fort Worth, Texas) in America for bragging rights! Eat your heart out, New York City, Salt Lake City, and Boston! Providence was also the only New England city even worthy of mention in the recent online ranking survey results by

According to their article, the best downtown must foster creativity, inclusion, and innovation, be diverse in architecture, art, lifestyles and activity options, have a high level of energy and provide places or opportunities for people of all types to connect. Tall order, livability! But we got that! Congratulations, Providence, for those great accolades!

Don’t forget to see how your city rated on livability, and then check your city out on to see how walkable your city rates. Providence gets anywhere from 54 (somewhat walkable) to 100 (walker’s paradise) depending on your zip code. How does your city rate? It’s a great way to check out potential matches or to learn about your au pair’s home city, or the American city they may have spent their first year.

I am looking forward to WaterFire Providence this spring/summer! Stay tuned for event details, when their calendar is released, and join Go Au Pair Providence for a cultural event in the second best downtown in the U.S.! For more information about hosting an au pair in the Rhode Island area, please call me, Joan Lowell, your Local Area Representative for Go Au Pair, at 401.309.1925 or message me at




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