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I have discovered a new website worthy of mentioning to you, my faithful audience. Hi Mom! Just kidding, I hope! Anyway, is NOT just for hooking up or singles night out (yes, I am old!). I went online looking for some local moms groups for my kids to have a few play dates with some different kids. Not that I am tired of their friends, because they are so little they really don’t have any friends outside the family yet. In fact, this year is the first year we have had play dates with people I don’t already know, since my almost-six-year old is in Kindergarten. Most people my age have teenagers, not toddlers, so I look elsewhere!

But, I digress. There were several groups to choose from when I typed in my city and choose to search for groups within 10 miles of my location. I was surprised that many of them seemed more interesting than I expected. I found at least five moms or parents groups who wanted to do play dates for the kids. Some offer evenings out for the adults, but that is probably not my thing, at least for now. I joined two groups, but as I receive notification of their events, one group stands out as a good match, so I pay the $10 annual fee (to cover website costs) and join Northern RI Moms. Won’t you go online and join too?

Today was our first time attending one of their play dates and we had fun! We went to Open Gym at Renaissance Gymnastics Academy in East Providence. It was so much fun for my kids! They had real gymnastics equipment! And people to help the kids use it if you asked! It cost $20 for my two kids to participate for the four hours! We didn’t stay that long, but would definitely do it again, maybe at a venue where we could tell who was in the group and who was just there for open gym time, just so I can meet more of the moms. However, I found the moms I did speak with very friendly; we were all chasing our toddlers, so not too much chatting time at the gym, but it was fun!

I might find myself replying to more of their invites. They seem to have events several times a week, but I won’t make them that often! They are planning to visit Roger Williams Park Zoo next Saturday, March 29th. Why not join us for a day at the zoo? Spring is one of my favorite times at the zoo because there are many new babies, who are always, well sometimes, so cute. I may join them for that event, or I was also thinking ahead to May 14th.

They are planning to meet at a fantastic all-abilities playground in Warwick, RI. The imPOSSIBLE DREAM Playground is Rhode Island’s first integrated playground. Free to all, the park offers an environment that is play friendly for children of all physical abilities. Beautiful in the spring time and year round, the playground is filled with swings, slides, see saws, sand boxes, fantasy play houses, miniature golf, an activity center, picnic areas, and handicapped accessible rest rooms. The entire park was designed so that children with physical limitations could participate safely in all the traditional playground games. It has made the impossible, POSSIBLE, hence the name.

Perhaps I’ll see you at an event! As always, feel free to contact me anytime. My name is Joan Lowell, LAR (Local Area Rep) for the Providence area. Contact me at or 401-309-1925 for more information. Visit Go Au Pair’s local page to apply today. Au Pairs from Go Au Pair stand out as a great value, with one price for all your kids, full & part time options. Your live-in au pair works up to 45 hours (not more than 10/day) for under $7.35 per hour. Contact me to discuss this exciting child care option for RI families!


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