Taking the Leap

Let Go Au Pair coach you to a winning au pair experience!

Give your family an award-winning experience with the most flexible and affordable cultural childcare experience available. Let our professionals coach you to a win!

Have you been reading my blog or considering working with Go Au Pair, your awesome au pair agency? It is time to take the leap. Just do it, as the folks at Nike have been telling us for years! What has been holding you back? This time of year is very popular for finding childcare, since summer is quickly approaching. What are you considering? Cultural exchange is IN! Even Prince George’s parents have hired a Spanish au pair; good thinking, William and Catherine!

Let’s take a look at what might be holding you back. Host family blogger, Summer Blackhurst, calls you out in her recent post, Preparing First Time Host Families. And boy does she have your number! If you were building a chimney, would you try it yourself or would you hire a professional? You might know how to build a chimney, or maybe your neighbor does, but wouldn’t you trust the safety and security of your home to a licensed and insured professional? I know I would. The same holds true for childcare.

Yes, you can hire a skilled nanny, babysitter, or daycare for the job. They may be skilled and safe enough, but if you are putting out that much money, shouldn’t you get the most out of it as you can? Wouldn’t it be great if you could also drop off the kids’ laundry at daycare? Or have them driven to that appointment right after school? What about if the daycare worker could supervise homework (maybe they do) and also give language lessons, teach culturally different games and songs, plus be there at 6:15am, or whatever time you need to be out of your house? Your au pair can do these things, and more!

Go Au Pair, your dedicated au pair agency, has experienced Placement Coordinator and Local Area Representatives, like me, to guide you through what can be a daunting task. We can give you helpful advice you may not think of until too late. We can help you identify what you really need from your au pair, as well as find the right person to meet those needs. Why not visit our local page and check out what we are offering RI families? Our Locals Only Discount is the best offer you will see, with a full-time au pair as low as $7.31 per hour! Call me, Joan Lowell, at 401.309.1925 or message me at jlowell@goaupair.com. I look forward to answering your questions and holding your hand when you take the leap into your cultural childcare experience!


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