Accepting Help is NOT a Defeat!

Get Au Pair Childcare!

Get Help at Home! Au Pair Childcare is the solution!

I am a SuperMom! I have been called that by others, although I am sure my children would fail to see my super powers. In fact, I often fail to use my super powers. I am human, after all. What I have discovered as of late is that even super heros need a break. I am a busy lady with all my responsibilities, just as much as the next mom, but when I had a medical emergency, I needed help!

Moms are not immune to the troubles of the world. That is where accepting help comes into the picture. I have not needed much help in my adult life, and I have always thought my major responsibility as a mom would lessen as my children reached the age of adulthood, 18 in America. My mom has made it perfectly clear to me in the past week that is simply not true. I needed help with the kids, but also with me! I spent six days at Rhode Island Hospital, and came home with doctor’s orders to lift no more than 5 pounds for a week or two at least! Yeah right!

But then there was my mom! There she lives, retired, 3 hours from me, no transportation of her own, yet she is at my door, bag in hand, ready to stay for a week! Thank the Lord! She did my dishes, laundry, helped cook and clean, and most important of all, engaged my children in daily activities of play and work, allowing me the time to rest and recover! Wow! It was then I realized that she is a SuperMom too!

Your au pair is a SuperMom (or SuperDad) in training! He or she is there to pick up the pieces when you cannot. They can help with those little extras that would just wear you down to nothing. They are there to engage the kids when you are exhausted or stressed. They are there to allow you and your spouse a few minutes alone, whether it’s outside in the back yard, or that well-deserved nigh out. Summer Blackhurst agrees in a blog she wrote just the other day, Au Pairs Let Moms Be Moms. Having my mom live with us for the week was just a taste of what having an au pair must be like, sort of. Naturally, my mom is my mom, but when you have a close, trusting relationship with your au pair, he or she can help free you up after work.

Although your au pair won’t do your laundry like my mom did for me, he or she can do lots of that behind-the-scenes prep-work and clean-up that prevents you from spending quality time with your kids. If you don’t have to spend the evening hours tidying kids’ rooms and folding their laundry, you may be more likely to have the time or energy to run around with them or sit and read their favorite book, or really listen to them tell about their day. These are the things one cannot quantify, but that also define the au pair experience. I wish you would give your family a chance to recharge your batteries so that your kids get the most out of every day of what is becoming a shorter and shorter childhood.

Feel free to contact me, Joan Lowell, your Local Area Representative, at or 401.309.1925. Your cultural childcare experience is right around the corner, and costs less than $7.35 per hour for a full time au pair! What could you do with 45 hours per week? Call me with your questions. We are looking for new Host Families in the RI, CT and MA area!


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