It’s That Time Again!

Look no further! Go Au Pair is here!

It’s natural to look for the best in childcare – host an au pair!

Get out your magnifying glass and start looking for the best childcare option around! Yeah! Spring is finally here! Yes, I know the calendar said it nearly a month ago, but the flowers are poking through and even a few blooming. There’s proof enough for me. That also tells me now is the time for RI area families to explore their options and open the world a bit more for their kids.

Also, my blogging friend, Summer Blackhurst, has reminded me that now is the time! We get busy this time of year, happy to see winter go and thrilled to see the blooms of early spring. Summer plans are well underway, or at least a not-so-distant dream. Don’t forget to plan for the best childcare experience your family can have – host an au pair! Signing up now gives you plenty of time to find the best match for your family!

You will discover that an au pair is so much more than a sitter. American families are finding that an extra set of hands around the house is exactly what they need! Who couldn’t use another adult in the home who can direct the children when needed, or engage them while the parents do things they need to do to keep the family above water? Will your day care director come home and help out with kids’ laundry? Your au pair will.

Flexibility is the key when you host an au pair. Not only do you get the extra adult who is responsible and on-time, since he or she lives with you, but you also get the coverage when you need it. Parents who work rotating shifts need caregivers who can flex with them. An au pair will. He or she can work up to 10 hours per day, up to 45 hours per week, when you need. If those hours need to change next week, your au pair will flex with you!

As my friend Summer points out, now is the time. Complete your application and start interviewing today. It can take up to 8 weeks for your au pair to arrive, and that is just in time for summer! Your au pair can be here before the end of the school year, and you can pay less than any other agency and less than daycare too! Contact me, Joan Lowell, your Local Area Representative, at or 401.309.1925. I look forward to answering your questions about the au pair program and getting your family started right away!


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