Compare, then Agree to Save $ and Get More!

Apply with Go Au Pair today!

Go Au Pair wants YOU! Visit us and apply today!

As parents, we all want the best for our kids, no matter what our lifestyle. If you don’t believe me that Au Pair Childcare with Go Au Pair is blowing away the competition, look around the country! My counterpart LAR, or Local Area Representative, from Philadelphia & Bucks County, Pennsylvania, is in a growing area with nearly 20 active Host Families! Polina knows what childcare is working for busy American families. Check out her recent blog.

Polina and I were lucky enough to be room mates for a week last summer in Salt Lake City, Utah, where we received specialized training from Go Au Pair headquarters staff. What a great group of people who truly care about making great matches. If you call us and we discuss your family for a few minutes, it is very easy to determine if you might benefit from au pair childcare.

We want you to be satisfied, and will not sell you a service you won’t love. Rest assured that between your Local Area Representative (that’s me) and your Placement Coordinator (assigned when you register online), we will first help you understand the Au Pair Program, and if it sounds right for you, we will help you find the best possible match out of our over 300 available au pairs. But if it is not for you, we will let you know and then let you go.

Go ahead and give us a call. Call our competition as well. Compare our customer service and compare our pricing options. If you have a written offer from another agency, show us and we will match or beat it! Compare, and the Go Au Pair!

I will talk to you soon! Reach me via email at or via cellular at 401.309.1925. I look forward to challenging your idea of childcare for today’s busy and dynamic American families.


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