ADHD and AU PAIR Childcare

Consider a male au pair!

Go Au Pair has male au pairs for your family!

Do you have a child with ADHD? Is he or she struggling to pay attention, even when it is required? Is he or she easily distracted from the task at hand? Is he or she forgetful, squirming or fidgety? Does he or she have a hard time whispering or being quiet in a quiet place? How about turn-taking? Does he or she frequently interrupt others? Given my professional experience as a special educator, if your answer is yes to most of those, you may want to consult your pediatrician. At home, however, au pair childcare may be the solution your family needs.

My name is Joan Lowell, your Go Au Pair LAR in RI. Go Au Pair has au pairs who can help! Our au pairs have safety training and a strong desire to become a part of your family. They are energetic and patient. They can be trained to respond just how you teach them works for your child, or perhaps they will bring some new and interesting approach to your child’s problems. Live-in childcare can focus on just your family, giving you the chance to take that well-needed break when you get home from work.

Au Pairs can work up to 45 hours per week and even help out with child-related household tasks like kids’ laundry and light meal prep and clean-up! That is no joke! Can you imagine coming home to find that the kids’ laundry is washed, dried, folded and put away, so that you’ve only got to handle the adult laundry? What about those nights when you need to work late and scramble to find rides for the kids? Your au pair can drive, work flexible hours, and be there for the kids when you cannot.

Special needs children benefit greatly from the one-to-one attention and close relationship formed with their au pair. Young boys are especially responsive and interested in the new knowledge a male au pair can bring, especially where there is a single mom. Yes, we have male au pairs, who must meet the same experience and skills qualifications as their female counterparts. In fact, many families swear by their male au pairs, year after year. Your au pair can provide that consistent role model and responsible adult eye even teenagers still need! Male au pairs make especially great matches with boys with ADHD because they are engaged, patient, energetic, and can often forge a big-brother relationship with even the toughest kid. Sports can play a big role in that, even if your child is not on a team.

Consider exploring your cultural childcare options with a male au pair from Go Au Pair! For up to 15% savings, go check out our video! Compare us to the competition and then give me a call or register online. I look forward to helping your family benefit from au pair childcare soon! Contact me at or 401.3099.1925.


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