First Aid Prevention & Tips

Get Au Pair chilldcare from Go Au Pair!

Go Au Pair provides even more training and support throughout the year!

When choosing the safest childcare option for your children in Rhode Island, consider the Au Pair Program! In addition to the required 32 hours of documented training in their own country, au pairs from Go Au Pair get even more safety and training. When you send him or her to our exclusive New York City Workshop, au pairs attend First Aid and CPR classes as well as review other important aspects of living in America, such as rules of driving, punctuality, personal space, hygiene, movie ratings and more!

In addition to those things, though, some other simple tips for safety around the house should be mentioned. Here are a few:

  • Make sure your au pair is aware of any allergies and/or medications for each child – it may be wise to write this on a card for the au pair to keep with him or her
  • Make sure poison control number is in your au pair’s phone and that he or she is able to call 9-1-1 in the event of an emergency
  • Remind your au pair and children to use crosswalks
  • Teach children and au pairs that water and electricity never mix, so use blow dryer in bedroom, not bathroom
  • Never allow children to play in things that may close or any containers with covers
  • Always apply sunscreen to avoid sun damage, even on cloudy days
  • Always use seat belts or car seats and make sure your au pair knows how to properly install your child’s seat
  • Never allow children to play unattended in bathroom and always wash hands after bathroom use
  • Never allow children to play with dangerous objects like scissors or near electrical outlets
  • Be sure not to overload electrical outlets with too many devices
  • When children play outdoors, stay outside to watch them
  • Always use helmets and other safety gear when children ride bikes and scooters

If your family has more basic rules, please comment or message me and I would be happy to add them! As your LAR (Local Area Representative) in the Providence area, I want your family to have a safe and happy cultural childcare experience, so feel free to contact me at 401.309.1925 or



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